About Us

Salon ACME is an art platform created by and for artists, which seeks to give visibility, impulse and dissemination to creators that develop their work both in Mexico and abroad.


Open Call

The Open Call is the main section of the Salon and the heart of this project. The application is free and it is launched through our social networks and other media. All art forms and themes are welcome.

A Curatorial Board that changes every year, comprised of artists, curators, scholars, gallerists and museum directors is in charge of reviewing and selecting the artworks.

For this time, HANGAR - Centro de Investigação Artística awards the Salon Prize, which consists of an artist residency in Lisbon, Portugal for two artists during April, 2024. The artists participate automatically when they are selected in the Open Call. Hangar is in charge of choosing the participating artists.

La Bodega de Acme

Gives continuity to the work of artists who have participated in previous editions of the Salon. The idea is to be part of the artist’s development and to promote their current work.

Guest State

This section seeks to give diversity and to make visible the work of artists from different contexts around the country. An appointed curator, knowledgeable about the artistic production of the region, will make an exhibition including the work of local artists.

Guest Projects

This section involves national and foreign galleries. Each gallery invites an artist (whose work may or may not be represented by the gallery) to show a specific project in one of the spaces of the venue. The exhibition format is Project Rooms. To participate in this section allows the galleries to exhibit more experimental proposals than in the common format of art fairs.

Editorial Room

The editorial Room is a curated section where a selection of publishing houses, books, special publications and hard-to-find-titles are presented.

Public Program

A programming of talks and round tables that promote a dialogue around topics related to the production, dissemination, marketing and education about art.


Base Proyectos

BASE Proyectos is in charge of the artistic direction and content: the image, communication, museography of the artworks and the spaces. They create the liaison with the curatorial board, the artists and the curators; and the general conceptualization of the event.


Company that creates projects which seek to generate a cultural change through entertainment. In addition to providing the headquarters of the Salon, Archipiélago is responsible for the overall financing of the project, contact with the press and media, the design and operation of the social areas and the logistics and production of the event.

Salón Acme
Salón Acme
Salón Acme
Salón Acme