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Salón ACME is a platform and an art event created by artists for artists that gives visibility, impulse and dissemination to emerging creators who develop their work both in Mexico and abroad. Created in 2013, Salón ACME has had eleven editions, and has managed to position itself as one of the most authentic contemporary art events internationally, fostering new audiences and consolidating a community of artists, curators and collectors. Salón ACME has six sections: Open Call, Estado, Bodega, Projects, Sala and Patio.


Open Call

The main exhibition at Salón ACME is held every year based on an open call. This allows us to learn about the work of a wide diversity of artists, broadening our horizons. A Curatorial Board, which changes every year, composed by artists, curators, academics, gallery owners and museum directors is in charge of reviewing and selecting the participants.


Bodegabrings together artists who participated in past editions along with new proposals. Every year a national or international curator is invited to curate it. The intention is to give continuity and visibility to the work of artists from previous editions by showcasing their most recent work, while generating new relationships and dialogues with other artists.

Estado - State

This section aims to make visible artistic and curatorial practices of various regions of Mexico. In each edition, a state is chosen and a local curator is invited to put together an exhibition that presents the agents, themes and research of a specific artistic landscape. This section has been essential to learn about the work carried out by artists and curators from different latitudes in Mexico.


Composed of Mexican and foreign galleries, independent spaces and residency programs, each space invites a single artist to present a proposal in a project room format. Projects allow us to map agents and cultural managers with relevant and current artistic proposals.


Sala is a curated section where a selection of publishers, books, special publications, and hard-to-find titles are presented. It is a space dedicated to the appreciation of the written word and the exploration of the nuances and depths of editorial creativity.


Section dedicated to large format installations. Located in the central part of the house, Patio is intended to display sculptural or site-specific proposals. Each edition an artist is invited to develop a new proposal.


A programming of talks and round table discussions that promote a dialogue around topics related to each of the sections of Salón ACME.


Base Proyectos

BASE Proyectos is in charge of the artistic direction and content: the image, communication, museography of the artworks and the spaces. They create the liaison with the curatorial board, the artists and the curators; and the general conceptualization of the event.


Company that creates projects which seek to generate a cultural change through entertainment. Archipiélago is responsible for the overall financing of the project, the design and operation of the social areas and the logistics and production of the event.


Proyectos Públicos

Proyectos Públicos have been providing the venue for Salon ACME since its inception in 2013. It is a community that is driven by the dream of merging society and culture, and that believes in the transformative power born from this union.

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