Salón ACME Edition No. 9

After a long period of effort, work and determination to make possible the ninth edition of Salón ACME during 2021, we reached the conclusion that our priority is being empathic towards the current context. 

A third wave of COVID forces us to rethink and put everyone's health and safety first. This is the reason why we have decided to postpone Salón ACME  no. 9 until Art Week 2022.

The decision has not been easy, particularly because this edition was characterised by  the eagerness and excitement of the people and groups that conform it. Since we started working, our goal has been to provide a platform for artists, curators and galleries, who, like us, have been traversing a complex and uncertain time. However, we believe that we must be patient in order to have a safe event for everyone.

In Salón ACME we will keep working to keep the spirit alive and the enthusiasm for carrying on with the edition. We are very grateful to the artistic community and the general public who have accompanied us in this process.

We send you a big hug from the entire Salón ACME team!